MSC Future Perspective

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Coaching is not only about teaching-learning of the subject(s) pertaining to qualify a particular scholastic and/or competitive examination, but coaching in itself is an eco-system comprising of developing the right attitude & aptitude, values and virtues towards the chosen career field(s) and to holistically do all this, a dynamically right and vibrant approach is required.

In developing such kind of conducive environment, Minerva Study Circle envision that in coming times it will develop its human and non-human resources in a way that it will remain open 24×7, 365 days a year so that all the educational and non-educational legible needs of all its stakeholders can be catered to in a more professional and stress free environment.

In nutshell, what we mean to the aforementioned, that we will redesign, design & develop our basic infrastructure in such a manner that all the mentors, mentees and other allied personals can reside in close proximities to have the easy access for all the hard-pressing intellectual needs so that the aspirants can harvest maximum benefit to realize their respective career goals.