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(We at ‘Minerva Study Circle (MSC)’ wish that all the aspirants/students associated with us should achieve their respective career heights with aplomb. In this journey of your career path, alongwith dedicated curricular aspects the importance of co-curricular and other allied aspects can’t be undermined as holistic approach of preparation for any examination bear the sweet fruit. And as it has been said that “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war” so the more emphasis (in a wholesome manner) you will give to your examination preparation the greater probability of positive outcome will be at the horizon. In this mutual pursuit of ours, the ‘MSC’ will provide you the necessary insight from time-to-time, almost at every milestone on your career path journey. This time it is “Self-Analysis”)


“Analysing Self-performance of your study before appearing for Scholastic and/or Competitive examination is an important-aspect of preparation and is also crucial-aspect for success”.

Since time immemorial, the examination-time is always scary, full of anxiety and even makes the lion-hearted a nervous individual. In India, every year millions of aspirants appear for many prestigious Scholastic and/or Competitive examinations against few available seats. So this fierce competition takes its toll physically as-well-as mentally on every individual and more so, if alongwith proper studies the “Self-Analysis” is not being done and that too in a proper manner. During the preparation phase for any examination, particularly when the revision process starts, the students should attempt the ‘Mock-Tests’ to optimize their performance and must do the “Self-Analysis”. Here one may asks the questions like; What is self-analysis? How to do it? Why should I do it? Is it that much important? etc. So the answers to these questions and many more is as under:

To ascertain your level of preparedness for the forthcoming examination(s), ‘Mock-Test’ is one of the mean to get into examination mode. It helps to revise and to remember important points and/or formulae. ‘Mock-Test’ is one of the ways to “Analyse” your examination preparedness & performance and to figure-out the loopholes before actual examination. It also helps you to acclimatise yourself for actual examination, to devise strategies and to develop efficiency & examination temperament. However, many-a-times the students commit mistakes which go unnoticed or the mistakes happen so randomly and fast that the individual fails to recognise them. Maximum times, as they do not get registered in one’s mind so the probability of their happening again in actual examination situation is always high. So to tackle all these situations successfully, a good “Self-Analysis” is a key to examination success. One can do his/her “Self-Analysis” in the following manner:

  • Tracking : Concept-wise tracking will give you the insight that how well a concept has been mastered? Topic-wise tracking will help you to know the mastery over a particular topic.
  • Time : Average time taken to solve a question; that is, to maintain proper speed and accuracy to optimize the performance.
  • Marks Scored : Consistently & randomly, how many marks an individual is scoring every time from a particular area/topic/unit in a particular subject.
  • Marks Lost : Consistently & randomly, how many marks an individual is losing from that particular area/topic/unit and the possible causes for the same. The most probable reasons could be:
    • Initial Examination anxiety or fear.
    • Calculation mistakes.
    • Improper reading and understanding of question statement.
    • Confusion between two closely related/overlapping concepts and the application of wrong one.
    • Attempting difficult questions before the easy ones.
    • Rushing to complete the answers.
    • Unhealthy competition with fellow examinees.

By analysing the abovesaid points you can actually harvest the maximum from a ‘Mock-Test’ and can definitely perform better every time. Alongwith this, you should also rate your performance on a scale of 10 based on the level of performance & satisfaction after every ‘Mock-Test’.

Analytical-Steps After Mock-Test:

  • As now the weaknesses has been identified through Concept-wise and Topic-wise tracking, so it is the time to revisit the area(s) of concern concept-wise as-well-as topic-wise. If possible make a summary-sheet of the problem areas for future references. For all this you can seek the help of your teacher(s).
  • Analyse the pattern of marks scored in the previous ‘Mock-Tests’. If you find that you have scored more from a specific topic/area or you have scored more in some specific type of questions, then devise a strategy to score equally from all the areas so that on a given day you can score well irrespective of the question distribution.
  • The analysis of lost marks will tell you the areas where you need to focus more. Find-out the reasons for losing marks from that particular area and practice accordingly to score good in future.
  • Do the analysis of fresh attempts and that of earlier attempts. An upward trend will give you much needed self-confidence for future attempts as-well-as for final examination and will tell you that you are on right course.
  • Last but not the least, attempt as many ‘Mock-Tests’ as you can and do the “Self-Analysis” of each one before embarking to the next. This will help you in your performance optimization, to built & sustain your examination temperament and will certainly adjust your body-clock as needed during the actual examination time-period. By pursuing this practice, the actual exam will appear for you as just another ‘Mock-Test’ and shall definitely insulate you from examination related issues like; anxiety, stress, fear-of-failure and many more.

As a whole this exercise will help you to do your ‘Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis’ and will help you to eradicate your weaknesses (if not completely then to a larger extent). Here one should always remember that by this “Analysis” the Weaknesses could be converted into Strengths and every Threat, if properly addressed, can become an Opportunity for better performance and thus for a cherished success.

Best of Studies


All the very-best for your bright-future…….