Examination Issues The Right Approach

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As in few days’ time the students undertaking their respective studies in different classes are going to appear for their annual school or board examinations and every year this time around the home environment as-well-as school environment always takes a mental & physical toll on almost all the examination seekers. At this point of time the anxiety among the students and in retrospect, among parents is of very high order. Alongwith anxiety,all other examination related issues like; stress, fear-of-failure, unhealthy competition among examinees, peer pressure, unrealistic expectations of the parents and/or teachers etc. weigh much more on the tenderminds of students rather than to focus on the examination preparation in a methodical manner.

At this precarious point of time the role of parents is of utmost importance. Parents should not impose their wishes on the ward and should refrain themselves to talk tough or to scold them for their lack of concentration (if any). The parents should support their child in doing better even if he/she is showing a marginal sign of improvement. The parents should not cite the example(s) of other students who are academically better than their ward otherwise this unhealthy/unnecessarycomparison will inflict a permanent scar on the tender mind of a child and will certainly demotivate him/her. At this crucial juncture, the parents should also take care of their ward’s proper sleep and healthy food intake so that he/she can remain mentally and physicallyfit to successfully encounter this tiresome phase of his/her life.

A special message to those students who are going to appear for their 10+2 board examinations that after the completion of your board examinations you are going to embarkon all important journey of competitive examination preparation, so don’t let these board examination go as the final but take these as one important milestone achieved and go with more vigour& valour to achieve the ultimate success by taking into account all the aforesaid factors and fine tune your planning to solve the multiple choice questions. In this endeavor of yours, if you feel that Minerva Study Circle Ghumarwin and/or Bilaspur is of any help to you then without any hesitation visit us at the earliest.

Best Wishes for your examinations
For your bright future……………

May 5, 2020

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