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Minerva Study Circle, Ghumarwin and Bilaspur is well equipped with up to the minute infrastructure to provide qualitative & quantitative coaching to its students so that they can excel in JEE Main and then in JEE Advance examination. The meticulously planned and framed, indigenous course-material provides an edge to its students over other coaching institutions. Yearlong academic calendar (delivery of course-content) is planned and executed in such a way that the student can get ample time to revise and to prepare well in advance for both their board examinations and also for their JEE Main and JEE advance examination. The periodic Unit Tests (UTs) and Objective Tests (OTs) provide an instant insight about a student’s performance to the individual as-well-as to all its stakeholders to take the corrective measure(s) proactively, if needed. The highly learned, linearly aligned and motivated faculty members are the real back-bone of Minerva and thus the results produced, since its inception (in short span of time) speaks volumes about its vision & mission of providing cut-above coaching for competitive examinations as a whole. The daily individual doubt-removal sessions help the students and teachers to involve in a more interactive manner for the holistic development of a conducive socio- academic environment to develop the problem-solving aptitude among the students which greatly helps them during the actual examination settings.

We at Minerva Study Circle are whole heartedly committed to the welfare of its all stake holders and are particularly like to reiterate that we shall never leave any stone unturned in a precise & positive manner so that our students can attain career zenith in this fierce competitive world of examinations like JEE main & advance. As now the JEE Main is conducted only in on- line mode, so to make its students practice the same, a customized platform is also provided individually to all the JEE aspirants to harness and upgrade their potential in on-line mode of solving the questions.